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Sports Betting Calculators – Odds Calculator

• Put the popular Kelly Criterion to the test with real examples of college football picks, NFL picks and other sports betting markets you like the look of.

• Rapidly convert a set of odds from American odds to fractional odds, decimal odds, implied probability, Hong Kong odds, Indonesian odds of Malay odds using the betting odds calculator.

• Calculate the total winnings you stand to receive when compiling a parlay bet, using American odds or decimal odds, while learning the true parlay odds, win amount and premium paid over both the mathematical odds and the true parlay odds.

• Improve your football picks, NBA picks and so on by calculating the probability of events using the poisson calculator.

• Determine the maximum payout or loss for any reverse bet using American odds or decimal odds.

• Quickly calculate the maximum payout or loss on any type of round robin bet you might be considering.

• Convert between spreads and moneylines for both pro and college football and basketball using SBR’s up to date MLB odds, college football odds, NHL odds, NFL odds, NBA odds and NCAA Basketball odds.

• Improve your bankroll management by figuring out the chances of going on a losing streak without a payout over the course of a year of bets.

• Import advanced sports betting functions into Excel to help improve your chances of securing a payout on the best mobile apps and desktop sites.


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