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Best Australian Mobile Casinos 2021

Best Mobile Casinos for Australians 2021

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Mobile slots are the most promising area of modern gambling. Nowadays developers do their best to adapt their gaming machines for mobile versions. Why, you might ask. Well, that’s because the future belongs to the mobile gambling market.

Mobile slot machines are the next step in the evolution of casinos. Back in the day you had to go to the land-based casinos to be able to gamble, and not everyone had such an opportunity. And even those who could afford it did not always have enough time. The emergence of online casinos seemed to have completely resolved the availability situation. After all, the desktop version allows you to stay at home and play on your PC.

However, our life is becoming more and more dynamic and progressive. Nowadays everyone uses smartphones, and, as statistics show, people take smartphones wherever they go, be it work, travelling, or any other activity. Thus, people want to be able to play games wherever they go. And the developers do their best to help them out.

The vast majority think of 2014 as the year that has made mobile casinos incredibly popular. That’s when mobile casinos have started to appear massively, and players have really enjoyed playing via mobile.  

And the result exceeded all expectations. There were over 64 million mobile players back in 2014, and in 2015 there were already more than 80 millions As of today there are more than 100 million mobile players worldwide.

Development of Mobile Online Casino

There are three main types of mobile casinos:

  • Mobile version of the site. This is a lite version that opens in a smartphone or tablet browser. It is a complete analogue of the main site, except that only the necessary information and basic functions are available to the user;
  • Mobile app. This is a separately downloadable software that is installed on a mobile device. It is directly related to the main platform, but can have its own design and functionality;
  • Messenger bot. This is a special program that communicates with the online casino platform and launches the basic functions for playing in the messenger.

The first two types of mobile casinos for the phone are offered today by almost all developers of platforms for gambling sites, including the most popular software providers, like Amatic, GameArt, Endorphina, Microgaming, NetEnt, and so on.

Features and Benefits of Australian Mobile Casinos 

It’s obvious that mobile slots are somewhat different from the versions that are designed for desktop platforms. And these differences are due to the fact that mobile slot machines are adapted for different gadgets, which have a small diagonal, more modest processor power and the amount of RAM than stationary computers and laptops. Also, the developers take into account the fact that players use the mobile Internet. This means that the versions should be as light as possible.

Here are the necessary features that mobile casino games should have to provide the best experience:

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  • Small size to be able to play on devices with low memory;
  • Simplified graphics to make the game load easily;
  • Intuitive interface, as learning about features and functions on mobile devices is somewhat harder;
  • Finger orientation for ease of use;
  • Preservation in case the Internet goes off;
  • Interruption for incoming calls and messages, followed by restoration when returning to the game.

Your phone should also have all of the necessary characteristics to be able to play mobile casino slots, including a color screen with a resolution of at least 120×120; technologies WAP, GPRS or 3G for Internet connection, WAP browser and Java. Although almost every modern phone model meets these requirements. But the most important thing to pay attention to is the operating system or OS that the phone runs on. Correct installation of a mobile casino on a device requires that its OS be fully compatible with the casino version.

Most often, online casinos offer several versions of a mobile casino at once. The most popular are Android applications. This OS from Google over the past couple of years won almost half of the total application market. The iOS mobile casino for iPhone and iPad users is slightly behind. When it comes to image quality and security, Apple devices are second to none. Mobile casinos for Windows Phone with Microsoft OS are quite common, but they are not so popular among users. They are followed by versions of the application for rarer operating systems such as BlackBerry, Symbian, etc.

How to Access Mobile Casinos

Large online casinos understand the performance of mobile gaming customers, therefore, pay great attention to the development of their mobile casinos. Most of them provide you with the ability to download your mobile casino to different operating systems (as a rule, this is Android and iOS).

A number of casinos provide their players with downloadable versions of game clients, others also have in their apcenal browser versions of their mobile casinos (not clicks). As a rule, the browser versions of mobile casinos presuppose that you have an active account in this casino, so you should not need to enter any

If you do not have a browser version installed, you can always download your mobile casino. You can download the casino to a tablet or phone using one of the following methods:

  • By using a QR code. Scan the code and you will be able to download the desired application;
  • Via e-mail. Enter your email address and you will receive a link to download the application for playing your mobile casino from your tablet or phone.

A number of downloadable mobile casinos allow you to create an account right in the app. Registration of accounts in a mobile casino Identical registration from a computer: you need to enter a first name, surname, address, e-mail, select a password, etc.

We strongly recommend that you indicate the exceptionally real data in order to avoid problems with the output of the money means.

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What Happens If You Lose Your Internet Connection

The worst dream of any gambler is to get disconnected during the gameplay and as a result lose all of the money. When mobile slot machines first appeared, it was really worth the fear. But modern software is much smarter, and online casino sites do their best to maintain the loyalty of registered users.

Now you can fearlessly play on mobile slot machines without fear that the Internet will disappear and your bet will burn out. The casino website records that the player’s connection is “falling off”. If such a situation is detected, there are several schemes of software operation: mobile slots are frozen (the next time the game is entered, the game resumes from this place), or the bet is returned to the player (the next time the game is entered, the game starts over).

As mobile versions of slot machines become more and more complex, developers are thinking over safe scenarios for them for all occasions. And interruption is not a moment to be feared. The only frustrating thing is that if you disconnect, you will not be able to continue the game, but the same is true for desktop platforms.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Casino in Australia

Most of the best online gambling establishments offer well-optimized mobile gambling sites. Other platforms allow you to use a dedicated application.

Casino apps have a distinct advantage as players are always just one click away from gambling.

What to consider when choosing a mobile casino:

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  • Consider the rating of the gaming club. Check mobile casino reviews on reliable online gaming sites. You should always play slots from your phone from a trusted resource;
  • For some people, expert judgment is not enough. Therefore, it is worth checking the opinions of other players on the online forum. The quality of mobile slots is highly appreciated by regular users;
  • Pay attention to the bonus offer. Casino bonuses clearly define the status of a given casino. The more bonus offers, the better the casino.

Additional options when choosing a mobile casino:

  • Application availability. First of all, you need to check that the casino app is available on your device. Some apps are only available on iOS or Android;
  • Design, functionality and technical parameters.Test the app and see if it works for you. It’s important that the app doesn’t freeze to be able to provide the best gaming experience possible.

Advantages of Real Money Casino for Mobile Android Phone

The main advantage of the mobile version of the casino is the ability to use it anywhere with an Internet connection. A long trip in transport, boring waiting for something or a minute of rest during work can become much brighter and more interesting with access to your favorite gambling establishment. Technologies like these provide an excellent opportunity to fill all the available time with entertainment to your liking.

Some time ago, it was believed that a casino adapted for smartphones possesses only part of the casino’s functionality, but now this is completely different. Leading mobile casinos have successfully implemented all of the features in a compact and convenient form. On the phone, you can not only play games, but also receive bonuses, replenish your account, withdraw money, take part in promotions and events. The whole range of entertainment is in the hands of the owner of a modern phone.

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Some other advantages:

  • The presence of special bonuses. Anyone who has played online casinos knows very well that these virtual establishments are ready to encourage user loyalty with a variety of rewards and bonuses. And it is in mobile casinos that you can get the most “delicious” gaming bonuses today. However, the specific set of gifts is determined by the casino administration. Although some virtual establishments offer a solid bonus on the account just for the fact that you play from a mobile device (the so-called deposit and welcome bonuses;
  • A large list of virtual entertainment, which is increasing every day. If at the very beginning of the emergence of mobile casinos there were not too many games, today the situation has changed – many establishments are expanding the list of offered games. These are far from even simple slot machines, but full-fledged 3D slots, as well as such entertainment as we are used to in virtual casinos such as online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc. The popularity of mobile games has only grown over the years, and they will soon catch up with online casinos;
  • Speed ​​- Thanks to a good internet connection, you don’t have to waste time processing unnecessary game data;
  • Quality. Playing for real money in slot machines in the mobile version and on the traditional site is the same in functionality;
  • Mobile casinos offer great bonus offers, just like the full version of the online casino.

Future of Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling technology has already reached a certain stage of maturity. Leading developers are actively creating and implementing iGaming solutions for mobile platforms around the world. This industry will continue to grow rapidly thanks to technological advances and the ever-increasing speed of mobile Internet.

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