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Best Six Mobile Sportsbook Apps in The United States

Sportsbook App Market in The United States

Sports betting is starting to become a massive market in the United States. After being legalized due to a Supreme Court decision in 2018, states can now decide to legalize sports gambling. Many have already decided to do so and are reaping the benefits of massive tax revenue for their said state. Tons of other states are planning to legalize and launch sports gambling operations.

Legalization of Sportsbooks

supreme court sealsupreme court sealThe legalization process was a bit complicated. In 1992 the United States passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This ruling essentially ended sports betting in most states and was passed under the promise to protect sports from becoming corrupt. PASPA was challenged in 2018 in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association. After back and forth, PASPA was deemed entirely unconstitutional with a 6-3 vote in the Supreme Court.

This opened the flood gates for states to now decide if they would like to legalize sports gambling or not. Many were already passing laws and putting the building blocks in place as the Supreme Court deliberation was going on. They wanted to be able to jump at the opportunity to allow sports gambling in their states.


Currently, 19 states have passed legal sports betting. The asterisks signify online sports betting.

Several more states will follow in 2021, and 2022 might be the biggest year yet with huge states like California and Texas projected to be much closer to allowing for a vote on sports betting.

Nevada and New Jersey, two states with a large betting history, are the current leaders in sports betting handles. However, more populous states like Illinois and Pennslyvania are coming for that crown. It will be interesting to see how this market takes shape as more and more states legalize, leading to less need for a citizen to travel and visit states like New Jersey and Nevada to bet on sports.

Mobile Sportsbook App Comparison

Covering the top 6 mobile sports betting applications is no easy task. For this portion of the review, the information being compared will be regarding the sportsbooks and application features offered in New Jersey. This is because New Jersey is the only state with all six of the apps.

New-User Bonus Comparison

A new-user bonus is important. It is the eye candy that pulls you in, and it is the bonus money you should be using when making your first bets. The more you can get of it, the better. However, it is more than just the quantity; it is how you are allowed to spend it. Make sure to utilize the Lineups promotions linked in the table to get your new-user bonuses!

draftkings sportsbook promodraftkings sportsbook promo

It is no wonder why FanDuel and DraftKings are regarded as the American kings of betting. Using the experience the two have from daily fantasy, both offer huge bonuses to its new users. While DraftKings offers a bit more flexibility with a deposit bonus and risk-free bet, FanDuels’ massive risk-free bet is still a very strong promotion.

PointsBet is a surprise here, tying the historically dominant DraftKings and FanDuel in this category. Also, it offers a bonus that highlights its unique form of betting, Pointsbetting.

I would argue that BetMGM has to be in consideration for the best bonus as well. Despite being only $500, the deposit bonus is at a 100% rate. Unlike DraftKings, where you need to put in $2,500 to get the full $500 deposit bonus, BetMGM only needs you to deposit $500. That $500 in deposit bonus money is extremely flexible and could be used so many different ways and requires a smaller deposit to earn.

Fox Bet and William Hill sportsbooks round out the list, offering the smallest bonus at $500 risk-free bets. While still a great new-user bonus, it just does not quite reach the other four apps’ levels.

Odds Comparison (Future, Moneyline, & Spread)

When looking for a sportsbook, the #1 thing to pay attention to is the odds. For this comparison, we used the Titans’ Super Bowl odds from November 4th, 2020, and the Moneyline and spread odds from the same date for the Titans’ game against the Bears that would be played on Sunday, November 8th, 2020.

Sportsbook Rank Super Bowl Odds for Tennessee Titans (11/4/20) Moneyline for Titans vs. Bears on 11/8/20 Spread Odds for Titans vs. Bears on 11/8/20
#1 DraftKings +2800 -245 -6 (-110)
#2 FoxBet +3500 -275 -6.5 (-110)
#3 FanDuel +2800 -275 -6 (-110)
#4 BetMGM +3000 -286 -6 (-115)
#5 PointsBet +2500 -270 -6 (-115)
#6 William Hill +2500 -270 -6 (-115)

fanduel sportsbook 1000 free betfanduel sportsbook 1000 free bet

What the results show here is rather interesting. For my money, it was evident that William Hill and PointsBet are behind the curve offering the worst odds on the Titans’ Super Bowl chances, as well as tying for the worst spread odds. This all while only marginally better than average with the Moneyline odds.

Next, I have to give it to BetMGM and FanDuel for 3rd and 4th place. These two are about neck and neck, with BetMGM having better Superbowl odds but a worse spread and Moneyline price. Meanwhile, FanDuel does not offer much of anything special in terms of the three bets.

2nd place goes to FoxBet for having the superior Superbowl odds at +3500 with a competitive -275 and -110 for the Moneyline and spread, respectively.

However, DraftKings is the clear winner in this category. Offering a ridiculous -245 Moneyline with an on-par -110 spread is just too good to pass up. While the Superbowl odds are not fantastic, the odds are competitive, and there is no beating that Moneyline.

Sports and Betting Variety Comparison

A big thing to note here is that the number of sports categories may not be fully reflective of the total number of bets, games, or even leagues offered by each book. The other information displayed on the table is critical.

Sportsbook Rank # Of Sport Catergories College Betting Live-Game Betting Single Game Parlays (NFL)
#1 PointsBet 17 Yes Yes Yes
#2 BetMGM 18 Yes Yes Yes
# 3 DraftKings 18 Yes Yes Yes
#4 FanDuel 14 Yes Yes Yes
#5 William Hill 11 Yes Yes Yes
#6 FoxBet 15 Yes Yes No

PointsBet may take the lead here. Not only offering everything that the other bookmakers do but also offering PointsBetting. This is a unique style and way to bet on sports. That has to count for something, and it would be a mistake not to mention it. PointsBet is trying to innovate sports betting and brings with it a completely new way to play.

For all intents and purposes, BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and William Hill all offer a wide variety of sports, and all have tons of ways to play. To say that one is better than another would be splitting hairs. Some weeks one bookmaker may have more odds due to its statistical provider giving the company more information, but this changes weekly. All four do a good job of offering you all the ways that you could want to play.

Fox Bet falls behind here. Every other sportsbook has had or recently launched single-game parlays. Yet you still cannot do so with Fox Bet’s sportsbook. This is something it will have to update to catch up with the competition.

Support Table Comparison

A key feature that is often overlooked when choosing a sportsbook is support. It is something that users do not think about until they need it. However, when you need it, support becomes the absolutely most important thing about a bookmaker.

Sportsbook Live-Chat Phone Line FAQ
#1 William Hill Yes Yes Yes
#2 PointsBet Yes No Yes
#3 BetMGM Yes No Yes
#4 DraftKings Only By Ticket By Request Yes
#5 FanDuel Only by Ticket No Yes
#6 FoxBet No No Yes

Starting with the best, William Hill has it all. It offers a phone line, email address, and live chat support, all with just a simple click of a button. While this information can be hard to find on-site, a quick Google search for William Hill support will get you on your way, and your issue solved in no time.

Next, I have to give the nod to BetMGM and PointsBet; while both lack phone lines, the applications offer live chat support right away. When frustrated with a unique issue, it is always nice to instantly get someone, a live person, to talk it out with.

Following these two are FanDuel and DraftKings. Each offers live chat, and DraftKings also offers a phone line, but you have to submit a ticket first. This is incredibly frustrating because when an issue arises, you want to talk to someone at that moment, and you just cannot with these sportsbooks.

In last, we have Fox Bet. The sportsbook offers little to nothing in the way of support. You will have to submit a ticket to get any response, and from there, who knows. There is currently no description of what follows your ticket submission.

Top 6 Mobile Sportsbook Apps in the US

foxbet new jersey apple app 150foxbet new jersey apple app 150

#6. FoxBet

Fox Bet is the entertainment giant Fox Entertainment Group’s attempt at a sportsbook. Fox partnered with Canadian gambling company Stars Group to bring the sportsbook to life. It launched in May of 2019 and has seen mixed success thus far.


Fox comes in at #6 on this list behind some very respectable sportsbooks. However, at the end of the day, Fox Bet still lacks in the promotions and support department and the variety of bets offered compared to the bigger names. One thing that Fox has been improving on is the software and design of its app. The Fox Bet mobile app is now on par with the other major players as it brings a nice sleek design to its users.

However, a nice app is not where this review ends. Fox Bet needs to offer more competitive promotions and find a way to make support a bigger priority. The number of hoops to jump through to get to a page to submit a support ticket can be quite annoying. The new-user bonus is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, on this list.

The existing-user promotions are not the worst but fail to keep up with the big dogs as well. To compete in this market, you have to be bettor friendly, and Fox is not fully there yet.

I would argue that FoxBet is on the rise when it comes to this ranking, and within a year, I would not be surprised to see it surpass some of the others on this list. The bookmaker is already offering competitive odds and has a stable mobile app for design and software. That is a fantastic base to build an incredible sportsbook.

foxbet mobile appfoxbet mobile app

States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

Fox Bet is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania

These are three of the largest betting markets currently out there, and it makes sense that Fox made these states its priority. The expansion should be coming into Illinois and other states in the next year.

FoxBet New Jersey Promo $500 Risk-Free BetFoxBet New Jersey Promo $500 Risk-Free Bet

betmgm sportsbook apple icon 150x150betmgm sportsbook apple icon 150x150

#5 BetMGM

BetMGM is the online sportsbook portion of the massive organization that is MGM Resorts International. This is a multi-billion dollar company that has been running hotels and casinos for its entire existence. BetMGM has been aggressive in entering states and partnerships. In Tennessee, for example, the sportsbook was one of three to get its licensing done first, and BetMGM secured a partnership to become the official sportsbook of the Titans.


BetMGM has a great sportsbook, substantial promotions, and decent support. So why is BetMGM behind so many others on the list? The reason is the design of the mobile app. While the sportsbook itself is solid, the failure comes in the lack of support for the mobile application itself.

It is sometimes a pain to get to the distinguished sportsbook is a huge turnoff for many consumers. The app design is cluttered and visually, not very memorable or stunning. This creates an overwhelming and difficult time browsing the app.

Again, what saves BetMGM is the fact that it has such good odds, promotions, and support. A great new-user bonus is just the start. There are tons of existing-user promotions to be had. BetMGM has a super wide selection of sports and bets to use these promotions on, and to put it simply, the sportsbook underneath the app is top-notch.

bet mgm nj mobile appbet mgm nj mobile app

States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

BetMGM is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia

betmgm sportsbook bonus code 970betmgm sportsbook bonus code 970

william hill small mobilewilliam hill small mobile

#4. William Hill

A mammoth in the bookmaker world, William Hill, comes to the United States with massive amounts of pedigree as an international sportsbook. Hailing originally from the United Kingdom, William Hill has offices worldwide and is seen as one of the originals in the online sportsbook market.


William Hill has the experience, and it does some things great; however, it also does some things badly and some things mediocrely.

First, let us speak to the good. William Hill has tons of odds and just about every bet you can imagine. Also, the support is fantastic; it is the best in the American sportsbook game. The app is also very straightforward and easy to understand and use.

The thing it does okay has to be the user-interface of the app. While the functionality is good, it is a very old and basic look. Nothing offensive, but will not blow your mind in terms of design. The new-user bonus is also just okay, nothing to write home about, but it is decent.

The British bookmaker’s features to improve upon are its existing user promotions and some of the odds it gives out. While a wide range of sports and games is offered, sometimes the prices for odds do not stack up to the competition. Then the existing-user promotions tab is very bare. It needs to be more plentiful if William Hill wants to compete with all the great things being offered by other bookmakers.

The addition of Flash Odds, which are limited-time boosts that randomly appear on the app, is a step in the right direction towards having more competitive existing-user promotions.


States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

William Hill is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa

william hill promo code lineups500william hill promo code lineups500

pointsbet apppointsbet app

#3. PointsBet

PointsBet is an Australian bookmaker who has made the jump to the United States with the help and backing of NBC Sports. This is a massive partnership to earn for any company. However, PointsBet got a partnership for a reason. It is a cutting-edge company that is trying to reinvent the sportsbook industry. The original and fresh idea of PointsBetting, a new way to bet, has intrigued many bettors, consumers, and experts alike.


PointsBet offers a ton of positives when it comes to its sportsbook and mobile app. First, the app itself is great. One of the smoothest on this list, it is designed with great care and detail. Not only is the app great to look at and browse, with a dim background, white text, and blue/red accents, but it functions great. Transitioning from looking for a bet to checking out your bet slip, then moving to account management is all seamless.

Then, PointsBet offers a massive $1,000 new-user bonus. The sportsbook also has existing-user bonuses and odd boosts that you can use daily. The fun does not stop there, as PointsBet is one of the few sportsbooks to offer a rewards program. It is simple, spend money on bets and earn money in rewards; this is a straightforward approach that works.

The support is good on PointsBet. It does not go the extra mile with a phone line to call. However, the live chat functions well and is timely to respond.

While the fixed odds could use some work with more competitive pricing, PointsBet has PointsBetting. This is one of the main reasons to check out the sportsbook; to try out this new way to bet on sports. In simple terms, you place a stake and then the amount earned or owed will multiply based on how in or out of the money your bet finishes. For example, you get more money for being more right about a spread, i.e., the team beats the spread by more points and further multiplies your stake. This is an innovative and exciting approach to sports betting.

pointsbet mobile apppointsbet mobile app

States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

PointsBet is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Iowa

PointsBet Lineups $1500 Promo Code GeneralPointsBet Lineups $1500 Promo Code General

fanduel sportsbookfanduel sportsbook

#2. FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the leaders in online fantasy since it is one of the original daily fantasy platforms. That online experience was brought over to bookmaking when FanDuel decided to launch a sportsbook. It was a logical next step with online sports betting becoming so popular. FanDuel has a massive platform, and it does applications and websites very well.


FanDuel has bundled all that experience of offering a top daily fantasy platform and used it to create one of the most excellent online sports betting experiences on the market. The app is so smooth, so well designed, and the adjectives could go on. At the end of the day, FanDuel probably has the best mobile betting experience on the market, strictly from a software standpoint.

However, that is no mark against the sportsbook. FanDuel offers a lot as a sportsbook. First of all, the $1,000 risk-free bet for its new-user bonus is one of the best in the game. Then, FanDuel is continually updating its existing-using promotions. The odds are competitively priced, and the number of ways to bet is plentiful.

The best feature of FanDuel is its live-game betting. This is where the well-built app shines the brightest. When time is crucial while you are trying to get your live-game wager in before something happens on the field. There is no lag, and the process is quick and easy. The fact that you can follow the game so in-depth on the app is another great incentive to go with FanDuel for all your live-game betting needs.

One place where there is room for improvement is surely the support. While having a highly detailed FAQ page is nice, having a live chat feature or a support phone line should be readily available for all sports bettors, and it simply is not. You have to submit a ticket, and then FanDuel will get back to you.

fanduel sportsbok mobile appfanduel sportsbok mobile app

States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

FanDuel is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

fanduel sportsbook 1000 free betfanduel sportsbook 1000 free bet


#1. DraftKings

DraftKings holds the daily fantasy crown as arguably the best daily fantasy site. Its move into sports betting could not have been smoother. DraftKings is now providing one of the best experiences online with its sportsbook, and its mobile app’s accessibility is incredible.


There is a reason that DraftKings leads all sportsbooks with a 4.8-star review on the Apple Store. DraftKings’ application, sportsbook, and the company is simply the best option for those wanting to bet on their mobile devices on sports in the United States.

First, speaking to the new-user bonus, the $1,000 split between a deposit match and a risk-free bet is commendable. It gives flexibility to its users to use the bonus money in more ways than one. Then, DraftKings consistently updates its promotions tab and has daily odds boosts that you can use to get the best-priced wagers. On top of all this, DraftKings not only has one of the only sportsbook rewards programs, but it also has the best sportsbook rewards program. The rewards program is filled with fun missions to earn XP and simply betting money to earn rewards by leveling up your account.

The app itself is so easy to use. It makes betting as simplistic as possible so everyone can enjoy it. You do not have to be well versed in technology or sports betting to use this app. The classic dark background, white text, and green accents are easy on the eyes and can leave you perusing for hours. There is no lag, and the app is extremely functional.

The odds on DraftKings is another place it shines. Consistently offering some of the best-priced bets in the game and having thousands of ways to bet with all the different sports, leagues, events, and games, DraftKings shows why it is atop the sports betting world. Basically, everything you could think of to bet on is on DraftKings Sportsbook.

The only place for slight improvement is the support offered. Being able to pick up and call or immediately type to live chat would be nice. However, DraftKings often responds almost immediately to tickets, so you can grab a live agent to hash out your issues.

draftkings sportsbook apple mobiledraftkings sportsbook apple mobile

States the Sportsbook is Licensed In

DraftKings is currently licensed and operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

DraftKings SB promo code 970x250DraftKings SB promo code 970x250


Is it legal to bet on online sportsbooks in the United States?

Yes, however, it is dependent on whether your state has legalized sports betting. The Supreme Court Ruling that overturned PASPA and deemed it unconstitutional in 2018 paved the way for states to legalize sports betting. No federal ban or law is prohibiting you from betting on sports. It all comes down to your state.

Why can I not find any sportsbook on The Google Play Store?

Google has decided to ban sportsbooks from its marketplaces. Therefore, to find the Android app for any sportsbook, you need to head to the sportsbook’s mobile browser site and find the Android download link. Rest assured that all these apps are still safe and secure; Google just will not let them use its Play Store due to its prohibition on sports betting.

What is the difference between a licensed sportsbook and an offshore sportsbook, like Bovada?

All the licensed sportsbooks have to follow strict local, state, and federal regulations and laws to ensure that they are getting a fair deal. These regulations also ensure the money in a bettors’ virtual wallet or handle so that if something happens to the company, the consumer is protected. None of this applies to offshore sportsbooks. Bovada and these companies do not need to follow any US regulation, and therefore, are much more dangerous to bet with than the United States licensed sportsbooks.

Can you bet on college sports in the United States?

Yes, many states allow for collegiate betting. Some states, for example, New Jersey, allow for collegiate betting but not on any university that is from New Jersey. However, the overwhelming majority of states like Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have no collegiate betting restrictions. You can bet on FBS or FCS football as well as NCAA basketball.

Do I have to bet on my phone?

No, any state that allows for online or mobile betting also allows you to bet on your computer. You can bet on your desktop or laptop with any online sportsbook that offers an app. Your mobile device is an option in these states, but it is not a must.

What is geolocation?

Geolocation is the technology that allows these sportsbooks to access your location via an internet connection. Without this turned on, the sportsbooks cannot confirm that you are indeed in a state that offers licensed and legal betting. Therefore, the sportsbook cannot accept your bet. You will need geolocation to bet online on sports in the United States.

Does California have sports betting?

No, currently, California does not have sports betting. Only daily fantasy is offered at the moment. However, there have been multiple bills and attempts to pass legal sports betting in the state. Most legal experts expect the next voting cycle between 2022 and 2024 to be the time when something finally gets passed regarding California State sports gambling.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Name: DraftKings Sportsbook


dk icon box green150dk icon box green150 DraftKings is one of the top destinations to bet on sports in the United States. With a brilliant mobile and desktop app, it is no wonder why so many have chosen to go with DraftKings for all of their sports betting needs. Currently, the daily fantasy and sports gambling giant is in nine states, including New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and more.

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, OSx

Application Category: Game

Author: DraftKings Sportsbook

  • Mobile App Design/Functionality
  • Desktop Site Design/Functionality
  • Promotions/Rewards
  • Support
  • Types of Bets
  • Odds Pricing


DraftKings has come through with a masterpiece in its online sportsbook. The design and layout of the sportsbook are marvelous. The sportsbook has just about anything you could want in terms of wagers, which you can use your massive new-user bonus to bet on. DraftKings also provides a terrific rewards program that will keep you coming back for more.

Well Done

  • An easy to use but aesthetically pleasing app that showcases the fantastic sportsbook.
  • Live-game betting that works beautifully and without any lag or slow down.
  • An enormous new-user bonus, wonderful existing-user promotions, and odds boosts, as well as an unrivaled rewards program.
  • The ability to link your DFS and sportsbook account, letting you transfer winnings between the two.

Needs Help

  • More straightforward options to talk to a live agent in regards to support would be appreciated.
  • A higher rate on the deposit match for new-users would be cool to see.



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