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Yes, as long as the site that is hosting the mobile feature is legal, then so is the mobile sportsbook. The sites that do adhere to the laws all function outside of the USA. This might seem odd, but it is the way it has been for decades. Back in the 90’s a law called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) came into existence. This federal law is still regulating sports betting in America today, and it only allows bookmakers to operate in Nevada, and to a lesser extent Delaware. Those are the only two states where you will find legal tangible sportsbooks. The same goes for online books as well. You won’t find one housed in any state other than the two we mentioned. This is why overseas mobile sports betting sites are so popular. They are legal to use because they don’t operate under US federal laws, and furthermore there is no law that stops anyone from using a legitimate site. You can sign up as long as you meet the requirements of the sportsbook.

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Most mobile sports betting sites accept players from all fifty states that are at least 18 years old. However, not all of them accept every state. You will be able to see whether you can join when you go to the sign up page. There is another thing to keep in mind though. While individual states don’t generally have any laws about wagering on sports, many do have legal betting ages. Some of the put that age at 21, and Alabama has it at 19. If you live in a state where the betting age is higher than 18 you should wait until you are that age before joining a mobile sports betting site.

Most online mobile sports betting sites allow you to use pretty much any relatively new device on the market. We’re talking iPhones, Android devices, iPads, smartphones, Tablets, and more. Basically, anything with an internet connection should suffice. If something isn’t available, the site will let you know on their mobile betting page. Most devices are universally accepted though, so if you have bought a phone in the past five years you will probably be okay.

Online mobile sportsbooks offer a wide range of sports to bet on. Just as many as a Vegas bookmaker would offer actually, and sometimes more if you include the many international sports they offer such as cricket and Aussie rules. Clicking on each sport will bring you to a list of lines and odds, and the bigger the game is, the more there will be. The big four leagues will always have a lot of action, as well as college games. If you are into lesser-known sports, you will probably be able to find them as well on your mobile sportsbook.


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