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The Best Mobile Blackjack Apps

Blackjack’s popularity in land-based and online casinos has been amplified in recent years by the rapid evolution of technology. Now, you can enjoy mobile blackjack on a phone or tablet with ease, making it a more accessible game than ever. 

Playing blackjack on a mobile device allows you to enjoy it on the go, at home, and pretty much anywhere else. As long as you have a cell signal or wifi, you can play blackjack on your mobile device. 

As you might expect, mobile blackjack streamlines the land-based experience in certain ways, optimizing the game for small screens and quickfire hands. 

Where To Play Real Money Blackjack Apps In The US

Real money blackjack, though popular among players, is only available in certain markets within the US. Some states have legalized and launched online casinos, and others are in the regulation stage. Here’s a look at the current real money gaming legal landscape. 

Legal And Live

Three states have full-fledged online casinos accompanied by state legislation that regulates them. New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania welcome real money casinos and players. 

New Jersey and Pennsylvania have a number of operators live within their respective borders, and players have their pick of the litter when it comes to real money gaming. Delaware is different. There are three online casinos in the state, but they’re all run by 888. The experience at one Delaware online casino will be virtually identical to either of the other two. 

In these states, start playing mobile blackjack at DraftKings Casino and BetMGM today.

Legal, Launching Soon

Michigan and West Virginia legalized online casinos in 2020. Both states are finalizing their regulations and expect to launch soon. Once live, each state will have online casinos that offer real money blackjack. 

Likely To Legalize

It’s hard to tell which states will move to legalize online casino gaming, but right now sports betting serves as a good barometer. States are generally more open to online sports betting at this time, which could open up opportunities for online casino legislation down the line. For this reason, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, and other sports betting-friendly states are the ones to keep an eye on. 

Mobile Blackjack Challenges

Because online casino gaming is so new to the US, it faces certain challenges in the mobile world. Google and Apple, two mobile device juggernauts, have certain online gambling restrictions in place.

Google takes a blanket approach. It simply doesn’t allow regulated gambling apps to be listed on its Google Play marketplace. However, for Android users looking to play on a mobile device, there’s an easy solution. Google still allows the apps to exist, even if they’re not listed in the Google Play Store. Players can download them directly from an operator’s website. 

Apple’s restriction dictates that regulated gambling apps must be developed in the company’s native language to appear on the iOS store. Most high-profile online casino companies (such as DraftKings) invested the time and money to build their apps this way, so you’ll usually find them listed in the Apple App Store. If your casino of choice doesn’t have an iOS app, you’ll have to access the site from a mobile browser. 

What Online Casinos Offer Blackjack Apps?

Online casinos in all three regulated states offer blackjack. Most real money online blackjack games are generic, using six or eight decks and playing like a land-based blackjack table. On some sites, though, you’ll find blackjack variants that switch up the game.

New Jersey

As a pioneer in the online casino world, New Jersey had a headstart with its online gaming presence. That’s well-reflected in the state’s blackjack offering. Some sites in New Jersey, such as Borgata, allow side bets on blackjack to spice things up. 

For New Jersey players, the real added value is live dealer games. Run from a live studio with a real dealer, the games are live-streamed to your device and you can chat with the other players at your virtual table. Live dealer games merge the fun of on-property blackjack with the convenience of mobile gaming. 

New Jersey’s many online casinos–Golden Nugget Online, Virgin, Tropicana, and Betfair to name a few–offer blackjack in various formats. 

Check out our Guide To Playing Blackjack In New Jersey.


Like its neighbor New Jersey, Pennsylvania has a wide variety of blackjack games available online, including live dealer games and plenty of side bets. 

FanDuel, DraftKings, Hollywood Casino, Unibet, and many more provide blackjack games online for Pennsylvanians and visitors to the state. 

Check out our guide to How To Play Blackjack In Pennsylvania.


Delaware’s three online casinos–Delaware Park Online, Dover Downs Online, and Harrington online–each have a classic blackjack game that’s reminiscent of a land-based version of the game. Just beat the dealer to win.

Though Delaware’s online casinos look different, they’re all managed by 888, so the experience will be similar across all three sites. 

How To Play Sweepstakes Blackjack On Mobile Apps

Browser? Mobile
Chumba No No Yes Yes Standard
LuckyLand Yes No Yes Yes None

Chumba Casino and LuckyLand slots are both owned by the same company: VGW Games Limited. They’re sweepstake casinos, meaning players can enjoy casino games with a chance at real money prizes. Players request sweeps coins, an in-game currency that can be redeemed for cash prizes, for free by mail. This allows these sites to operate as sweepstakes in all states except Washington. 

To play, you purchase gold coins with real money. Every time you make a purchase, you receive a small allotment of sweeps coins. Anything you win while playing with sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash prizes. Because blackjack has a low house edge, it can be a great way to make full use of the sweepstakes model.

LuckyLand focuses on slots, so we won’t dive too deep into that site here. Chumba, on the other hand, has a blackjack game. 

Start Playing Mobile Blackjack Today At Chumba Casino

Playing Sweepstakes Blackjack On A Mobile Device

Chumba Casino is very easy to access. The one drawback is that the site does not offer ioS or Android apps. Still, playing on a mobile device is simple.

Head to on a browser. Mobile or desktop will work just fine. Once you create an account, you can log in on your phone or tablet via your preferred browser and start playing. 

See our Guide To Sweepstakes Blackjack Sites.

Beware Imitator Apps

If you search for Chumba or LuckyLand on the Google Play Store, you may find apps that look like they’re made by the sweepstakes casino providers. 

The only app that is legitimately offered by VGW Games Limited is Chumba Lite, which removes the sweepstakes aspect of the casino and allows users to play games for free without any chance at cash prizes. 

If you encounter a different app that looks like Chumba Casino, it is likely an imitator that is unsafe to download or use. 

Bottom line: to play blackjack on mobile at a sweepstakes casino, stick to your mobile browser.

How To Find Free Blackjack Apps

You can play free blackjack right here on our site. One game allows you to play up to three hands at a time as a single player, and in the other, you can invite up to two friends to play with you. Both games work on mobile browsers, too. 

For a more mobile-centric experience, the best way to find a solid free blackjack app is to search your device’s app store. Whether it’s the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, there are hundreds of options for anyone looking to play the popular game. 

The Top 3 Social Blackjack Apps On Mobile

There are hundreds of blackjack apps available, so it can be overwhelming to choose just one if you’re looking to give mobile blackjack a try. Here are three of our favorites:

Blackjack by KamaGames

Available on the Android and iOS app marketplaces, Blackjack 21: Blackjackist by KamaGames is a fantastic app. You can start playing within seconds after you download the app. There are social features that amp up the experience, too. You can easily invite friends to play with you. If you want more than blackjack, this app offers plenty of other casino games. 

Download size: 332.3 MB iOS, 153 MB Android

Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack

Developed by NEOWIZ, House of Blackjack is a great mobile app if you’re looking for a streamlined game experience. House of Blackjack focuses solely on one game; you won’t find other casino games here. Instead, you’ll find various blackjack setups and in-game progression systems. 

Download size: 430.8 MB iOS, 125 MB Android

Blackjack by Tripledot Studios

For a simplified and slim version of blackjack, Tripledot Studios app is a great pick. It’s playable in portrait mode, and it has settings that allows you to tweak the game to fit the way you want to play. You play one hand at a time, just you versus the dealer. This app has no social element, so it’s great if you’re just learning the game and want to learn how to play. 

Download size103.9 MB iOS, 32 MB Android

Mobile Blackjack Vs. Blackjack Apps

Different ways to play have different advantages and drawbacks. Mobile blackjack and blackjack apps, though similar in many ways, have some distinct differences. 

Mobile Blackjack

When you play on a mobile browser, the primary benefit is speed and accessibility. You don’t need to download anything to your phone. Just type in the URL and start playing. 

Of course, if you’re a longtime or frequent player, this can be really tedious. If you like to play blackjack often and don’t want to download an app, your best course of action would be bookmarking your preferred site to your device’s home screen for quick access. 

Blackjack Apps

Apps have the benefit of convenience. Once you make a single download, the game is right there on your home screen, just a tap away. 

Some apps allow you to play offline single-player games, too. This is an advantage over mobile browser play, which requires an internet connection. 

Tips For Playing Blackjack On Mobile

Here are step-by-step breakdowns that will get you started with mobile blackjack. 

Using Blackjack Apps

First, choose a casino. Once you know which casino you’d like to use, download the app. Remember, some Android apps need to be downloaded directly from operator websites.

From there, just create an account. You may need to confirm your email address by clicking a unique link sent to your inbox. After that, just open the app, find a blackjack game you’d like to try, and play. 

Playing Blackjack On A Browser

Just as you would with an app, select your favorite online casino or blackjack site. Head to that casino’s website on your mobile browser and sign up. If you’re playing at a real money casino in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, you’ll also need to confirm your location with a geolocation app. 

For real money gamblers, the next step is to make a deposit. Once you’ve done that, you can select a game and play. 

Deposit And Cashout Options On Blackjack Apps

When you play online for real money, you have a wide variety of deposit and cashout methods. E-wallets like PayPal and Skrill make payments quick and easy. You can also use a debit, credit, or prepaid card. 

If you want easy transfers from your bank account, most online casino sites will allow you to deposit or cashout using online banking or ACH transfers. Every casino is different, so be sure to check your favorite site’s FAQs to figure out which payment options it offers. 

Strategy For Playing Blackjack On Mobile Apps

Blackjack strategy is well-documented, and the game is ever-evolving. The strategies commonly accepted by blackjack players at land-based casino tables generally carry over to the mobile and online blackjack landscape.

You can shape your strategy based on the rules of your chosen mobile blackjack game. For example, always check when the dealer hits or stands on certain hands. This can impact the choices you make during your game.  

But there’s one key difference: counting cards is virtually impossible in mobile blackjack. The games feature digital decks that usually shuffle after every hand. The random number generator dictates the card shuffling, so you can’t predict which cards might come your way next. 

Your chosen mode of play–browser or app–doesn’t make much of a strategic difference. No matter how you play, employ your best strategies and hope for a win!

Blackjack Apps FAQ

Is mobile blackjack legal?

Yes, depending on the format. Real money mobile blackjack is only legal in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. West Virginia and Michigan are on the way. DraftKings Casino is one of the top mobile blackjack apps in these states.

Mobile sweepstakes blackjack is allowed in every state except for Washington. 

Social blackjack apps and free games are completely legal and available almost everywhere.

Are blackjack apps rigged for the house?

No, but they do have a house edge. We prefer to avoid the term ‘rigged’ because it doesn’t accurately describe the house edge. Games of chance are made to be profitable for the operator or casino who runs them. The house will win slightly more often than the player, thus the term “house edge.” 

Of all casino games, blackjack has one of the lowest house edges. You have a higher chance of winning on blackjack than you do on other games with a higher house edge, like slots.

Do blackjack apps offer live dealer games?

Yes. Online casinos, especially those in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have embraced live dealer blackjack. 

You can stream the game live as the dealer hands out cards, and you can communicate with other players at your virtual “table.” It’s the ultimate combination of live games and the convenience of mobile gaming. 

Can I find real money blackjack apps on Apple iOS devices?

Yes. Apple requires regulated gambling apps to be developed in its native programming language. This used to be a large hindrance, but operators have caught up. Many launched native iOS apps so players can enjoy blackjack on Apple devices. If your favorite online blackjack site doesn’t have an iOS app, you can still play from your mobile browser.

Can I find real money blackjack apps on Android devices?

Yes. But you won’t find them on the Google Play store. Google prohibits gambling apps on its marketplace. Despite that restriction, you can still download Android apps for blackjack on your device. Find the website of the site that offers your preferred app, and you can download the app directly from their website. 
Operators usually make this option very clear and easy, but if you can’t find it, check the FAQ or the “About” page to find information about the casino’s Android app.

Is my money safe when using real money blackjack apps?

Yes, if you’re gambling on a legal and regulated website in one of the jurisdictions that allows it. Online casinos use high-level encryption tools, the same ones many online shopping retailers and banking institutions use to protect your money and information.

Is my personal information safe when playing blackjack on mobile devices?

Yes. Regulated apps are required by law to adhere to very detailed and rigorous policies set forth by government agencies. 

If you encounter an offshore or grey market site without licensing information readily available, chances are your information is at risk. You should avoid using such sites to keep your information safe.


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