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Sports Betting in Iowa – Best Legal Mobile Sportsbook Apps 2020

In May 2019, Iowa launched sports betting in their state. Retail sports betting came first that summer, which online betting then followed in August 2019. The new portion of the Iowa gaming industry is overseen by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

People within Iowa borders can bet on all pro sports, college games, and international sporting events. Like every state, sports bettors in Iowa have to be 21 or older to wager.

Iowa became the 11th state in the nation, and the first in the upper Midwest, to allow legal sports betting. Other states, such as Illinois and Tennessee, which passed betting legislation around the same time, were not nearly as efficient with their rollouts.

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) administrator Brian Ohorilko says the state’s ability to hit the ground running with the overseeing panel very early. They began preparing for the legal sports betting after the U.S. Supreme court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

Iowa Sports Betting Breakdown

Iowa sports betting has favorable rules, but also have regulations on what can and can not be bet. Some of these are different from other states. For example, bets can only be taken on sports, not on things like elections, the Oscars, and no bets on esports.

Licensing fees are $45,000, with a $10,000 annual renewal fee. Iowa also has favorable sports betting taxes set at 6.75 percent o wagering revenue, and sports betting is regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Mobile apps are geofenced and will only operate within Iowa state lines, but this is common for every state with mobile betting.

Iowa Sportsbooks

Sportsbook Casino Partner Mobile
Betfred Grand Falls Yes
DraftKings Wild Rose Casino Yes
Bet.Works Riverside No
Bet.Works Rhythm Cuty No
FanDuel Diamon Jo Casino No
Gaming Innovation Group Hard Rock Yes
IGT Q Casino Yes
Kambi Ameristar No
PointsBet Catfish Bend No
William Hill Isle Casinos Yes

William Hill kicked of mobile sports betting in Iowa in August 2019. From there, sportsbooks like DraftKings and Betfred jumped in on the action. The Hawkeye State has nine different sportsbooks operating in the state and could see more as time continues.

The coronavirus pandemic did not help with growth in the Iowa sports betting industry. Even a sportsbook like FanDuel has yet to get in on mobile betting within the state. There is still a decent variety of sportsbooks in Iowa from larger operators to smaller books.

Every type of bettor should find one that works for them in the Hawkeye State. They all have special offers and bonuses catered to their customers to make it the best experience possible. Although Iowa does not have pro sports in the state, do not be surprised by the passionate fanbase in the midwest.

Iowans will help grow the sports betting industry, although the state might not feel like its possible.

Iowa Revenue Breakdown

Month Handle Revenue Taxes
August 2019 $8,756,246 $2,161,688 $145,914
September 2019 $38,528,921 $4,956,347 $334,553
October 2019 $46,500,443 $5,658,243 $381,931
November 2019 $59,344,806 $3,599,750 $242,983
December 2019 $59,258,838 $2,904,257 $196,037
January 2020 $58,027,141 $3,234,794 $218,349
February 2020 $56,920,783 $755,334 $50,985
March 2020 $19,576,985 $1,171,164 $79,171
April 2020 $1,568,497 $150,331 $9,502
May 2020 $6,976,637 $501,062 $32,111
June 2020 $12,711,201 $620,740 $42,033
July 2020 $22,859,622 $2,244,021 $151,919

Iowa saw a strong start to sports betting in its state. Last fall, the Hawkeye State hit a $50 million handle twice thanks to football season. Bets continued in even through January and February thanks to playoff football, the NBA, and college basketball in full swing.

The coronavirus did hurt Iowa in the spring months, as it hurt almost every state across the board. Iowa saw all-time lows during this time, and will most likely not come close to those numbers as the industry will do much better when major sports are back to a normal schedule.

The Iowa sports betting revenue numbers are impressive and should get some residual thanks to Illinois lagging behind the midwestern states.

Is sports betting available in Iowa?

Yes, sports betting launched in May 2019 in the Hawkeye State. They were the first midwest state to legalize sports betting. Despite not many people thinking of Iowa as a sports betting hub, some of the largest sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel are in the market.

Is online sports betting available in Iowa?

Yes, online sports betting in Iowa launched in August 2019. William Hill was the first sportsbook to offer a mobile app in the state. Mobile betting has been a big contributor to sports betting during the coronavirus pandemic.

What sports can I bet on in Iowa?

You can bet on pro sports, college sports, and international sports in Iowa. Esports is not legal to bet on in the Hawkeye State, which is the only type of sport in that category. Every type of bet is also legal in Iowa except for prop bets on college players. A majority of states, along with Iowa, have made them illegal.

Do I have to live in Iowa to bet on sports?

No, you do not have to live in Iowa to bet on sports. However, you must be within state lines to be on games. If you live in another state, you have to travel to the Hawkeye state to create a sports betting account and bet on games there.

Are offshore sportsbooks illegal in Iowa?

Offshore sportsbooks in Iowa are illegal to use. Although no one will have a problem placing bets on offshore sportsbooks, there have been issues where bettors have not been able to get their money back. Using a sportsbook in Iowa is a much better option.


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