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There are thousands of different games available at US mobile casinos, so, it’s a seasoned and wise idea to use the free spins, that are nearly always available, to try out as many as possible. Then, when you have found a game you like, you will be happier and you will inevitably get better at that game!

Some games work exceptionally well on a smaller screen, whilst some of the older versions are far better on a larger screen, such as an iPad or other Tablet. New games are designed with smartphone mobile users in mind so many of the latest additions are perfect for those playing through iPhones or android mobiles.

  • Slots (Hundreds of them)
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Video Poker
  • Scratch Cards
  • And many many more!

Traditional table games are widely available with Roulette, Blackjack and baccarat all extremely popular. There are numerous versions of these games including European/American roulette.

Numerous slot machine games are available with new ones launched on a monthly basis. Many of these are based on various different themes and often convey the glamour of the famous Las Vegas casinos. These are also regularly referred to as ‘Pokies’ or occasionally ‘Fruities’.

Newer games, such as Starburst are based on old-fashioned arcade games, which will hold plenty of fond memories for the older player. Bonuses are widely available for those who strike a particular combination and can result in huge windfalls or even the possibility of landing a jackpot. The selling point of the majority of the games, is their simplicity and accessibility to players of all experience levels. Make no mistake, they are fun, potentially lucrative, and of course, are designed with mobile users in mind.

Of course, without a shadow of a doubt, and still the most popular table game at almost all Terra Firma and Internet dwelling Casinos is POKER. This game just captures something that we all can just about touch. It has Glamour, Intrigue, Excitement and of course the lure of Big Money!

Registering  and Signing Up to a USA Smartphone Casino

The first piece of advice is – take your time! Don’t rush into signing up to the first online casino you stumble across. Read online reviews and have a browse of the respective websites and apps before making any sort of conclusive decision.

Nearly all mobile phone casinos in the US offer a ‘free play’ option for potential new customers to try before they buy. This allows you to get used to the structure of the various games before spending your own hard-earned cash on them.

It’s always advised to check the terms and conditions (withdrawals/deposits, wagering demands etc) before signing up. Once you’re happy to proceed, it is quick and easy to sign up for a new account. Details such as full name, address and telephone number will be required whilst users are also asked to select their preferred currency.

Once you’ve confirmed your membership via an email, you are ready to make a first deposit. Let’s go play!

Making a Deposit at an American Mobile Casino

US Online Casino Payment Methods

US Online Casino Payment MethodsThere are several ways of depositing and they are all available to mobile bettors. BOKU has become one of the most popular ways of making a transaction and many online casinos such as Guts and Reel Island offer this service with new names being added to this list on a weekly basis. This is such a convenient way of depositing and it doesn’t show up on any bank statements and won’t compromise the security of any of your personal details. Online accounts will be funded immediately via BOKU

Other methods available include Paypal, Neteller, Online Bank Transfer, Paysafe Card and the more traditional VISA debit and credit cards. Very few methods carry an added transaction fee but it’s always best to check with the provider before making an initial deposit.

Making Mobile Casino Withdrawals 

The same methods (with the exception of BOKU) are all available for withdrawing winnings from an online US casino account. Most companies will stipulate that you must use the same method for depositing and withdrawing. Withdrawn money usually takes 2-5 days to arrive into bank accounts and most casinos have the minimum withdrawal limit set at $10. Sometimes additional personal details such as driving license will be required in order to make your first withdrawal particularly if card details don’t match personal information.

USA Mobile Casino Bonuses and Promotions

A lot of mobile friendly casinos are all competing for custom and it is a hugely crowded market. They want to attract new players and keep them visiting time and time again. In order to achieve this, many of them offer enticing welcome bonuses. The majority of online casinos will offer new players a bonus on their first deposit. For example ‘100% first deposit bonus’. If you put $20 into your account, they will give you a further $20 to play with. It’s basically doubling your balance. The bigger the deposit, the higher the reward.

Casinos usually set a limit on these bonuses, but usually $1000, $2000 and occasionally up to a staggering $20,000 are available, although very few players are likely to be starting their online casino career with a three figure sum in their wallet. Occasionally, smartphone casinos will also throw in some free spins to welcome new players and given them the chance to try out some of the slots.

The general advice is to distinguish between the bonus money and your own balance as many of these promotions will also carry wagering requirements. This means that players cannot withdraw the additional cash until they have ‘rolled it over’ several times.

Different casinos will stipulate alternative requirements but if you have a $20 free bonus and the wagering commitment is set at x5. You would have play $100 worth of slots or games before you could withdraw your bonus money. This sounds like a large sum of money but if you’re playing with the casinos $20, it’ll soon add up. If players win with their own money, withdrawals can be made immediately.

If you check account details, the majority of USA mobile phone casinos will differentiate between ‘bonus money’ and ‘balance’ and many will also offer players the opportunity to check on the progress of their wagering requirements.

As a mobile or tablet user it’s always worth checking for additional bonuses. Some casinos such as Guts and Leo Vegas have additional incentives for users who play through devices such as 20 free spins and various loyalty programs which can lead to additional free spins on a weekly basis.

Online Mobile Casino Tournaments

Many online casinos will host regular free-to-enter tournaments. These will be posted on their home page or notifications will be sent via email. Despite many of these being free-to-enter, genuine prizes are offered with jackpots up to $10,000 for lucky winners.

These tournaments are usually hosted across a number of days and the player with the highest total will secure the prize pot. There are often runner-up prizes on offer too.

General yet Seasoned Mobile Casino Advice

We can’t stress the importance of utilising the free play facility which is offered by the majority of online casinos. This allows players to practice and get used to the various algorithms of the games. If possible, always read a range of reviews before committing to any online mobile casino and read about other player’s experiences. Remember, there will always be a few negative reviews as people simply love to complain!

Always take advantage of the welcome bonuses and don’t miss out on the additional incentives offered to mobile and tablet users. These can help build up a decent bank and will act as a cushion during losing runs.

It’s advised to enter as many free-to-play tournaments as possible and explore as many games as possible. You’ll inevitably find that you may be luckier on one particular slot or table game but occasionally, it’s good to mix it up.

Frequently Asked Questions about USA Online Mobile Casinos

Is Online Gambling Legal in USA?

Until quite recently, gambling online in the US was declared illegal. BUT, on February 26, 2013, the State of New Jersey passed bill A2578 which allowed for the LEGAL ONLINE GAMBLING of Poker and Casino Games within its borders. 

Now, other States have adopted this and legalised Online Casino and/or Poker Gambling, these States include:

  • New Jersey – Online Casino, Poker and Sports Betting
  • Pennsylvania – Online Casino, Poker and Sports Betting
  • Delaware – Online Casino and Poker
  • Nevada – Online Poker and Sports Betting

Other States allow Sports Betting online such as, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oregon and Rhode Island.

What Actually IS Mobile Gambling?

Essentially, Mobile Gambling, whether Casino, Poker or even betting on the Super Bowl using any mobile device is the same as using your Laptop or Desktop Computer. The main difference being that your do not need to be at home in order to play the Casino games or bet on the Horses.

A Mobile Casino is like having a portable Online Casino. No matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you have an internet connection you can enjoy all the same games and slots etc as a land based Casino.

It has to be said though, the interface may be different and the layout will usually look different too. This is of course due to the physical size of the screen as Smartphones are generally smaller than a desktop! Apart from that, things are the same, depositing and withdrawal options, game choice, the ODDS, everything you can do on your home computer you can do on your mobile phone.

Is Gambling Online Really Safe?

The simple answer to this is yes. However, like everything accessible on the internet, there are people out there who will try to get information about individuals by any means possible. This can be done by Hacking, Phishing, Email scams and Key Logging. But the truth remains that all the Top Mobile Casino sites take every precaution humanly possible to prevent this from happening. 

It is in their own best interest to protect their customers anyway! They do not want any bad press about how they have been accessed and players’ accounts hacked. Think about it logically and you will see that playing Casino Games online is as safe as Banking Online. And I bet you do that!!

Do I need a Smartphone to Play at a Mobile Casino?

Basically, Yes is the answer! A “Smartphone” is a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet via a router (wifi) or your SIM (Network Provider). The typical and preferred method is via WIFI, as this tends to be more stable, and of course because using your Network Provider could cost you a lot of money, especially if you don not using the correct Mobile Data Package.

How Do I Actually Get The Games on My Phone?

There are three ways you can play all Mobile Casino Games at any of the mobile casinos you like. You can play them instantly in your Mobile Browser, these are also called “Flash Games”. You can play them directly on the Casinos website or the Mobile Version of the site. And you can download the Casinos App, which is usually the best method as the interface will be better as it is specifically designed for mobile phones.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Gamble At An Online Casino In The United States? 

The legal age for Gambling Online varies from State to State. But, for gambling at an online Casino you need to be at least 21 yrs of age, and this is only for the States where you are actually allowed to do so!

While some States ban online gambling all together, many other States allow Sports Betting at online websites from the age of 18. 

Please check the minimum age requirements of the State in which you reside before Gambling!


Now go and check out the Casinos mentioned above, thats an order!


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