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Mobile Betting Sportsbooks | Mobile Betting Apps Reviews and Updates by SBR

Note: The online sportsbooks listed below are each known for their mobile betting platforms and the features offered to players in the smartphone and tablet era. Players should take a look at the SBR Rating Guide for overall ratings and utilize the SBR search feature for detailed sportsbook history.

What is mobile betting?

In the technology era, every sports bettor is interested on getting down with his handheld smartphone, iPad or other device. The above list breaks down which sportsbooks excel the most in the area of mobile online sports wagering, listing the markets, live betting, cashier options, and provides a group of screenshots showing each platform.

The way of the future

Mobile betting is expected to be a mainstay of the online gambling industry for many years to come. Over 50% of wagers are made on mobile nowadays according to most online sportsbook managers. The convenience offered by electronic wagering allows sports bettor’s to easily and simply lock in their action, whether at the Sunday dinner table, office cubicle, or on an afternoon retreat.

Online sportsbooks that show the initiative to catch up with the times are also companies that are likely to cater to bettors’ needs in other ways. Few select operators remain stuck in the past, unwilling to adapt to modern demand. The comprehensive list posted by is not full of such operators; these sportsbooks have invested significantly in their software, and aim to serve their customers with the highest quality mobile products in the marketplace today.

Sports bettor feedback wanted

As more devices enter the technological world, sportsbooks must continue to ensure that their software accommodates the new gadgets, which makes user feedback paramount. Bettors with such feedback on any of the above mobile platforms, or who wish to see additional companies reviewed may opine via email by writing to SBR also offers bettors a chance to blog their feedback in its sportsbook forum.


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