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Sports Betting Apps for 2020

Mobile sports betting is available at nearly all of the best online sportsbooks, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. While some online bookies offer apps, others offer mobile responsive websites.

Below is our #1 rated mobile sportsbook for U.S. residents.

Best Sports Betting Apps Heading into 2020

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#1 for USA: Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada offers sports betting apps for Apple iOS and Android based smartphones & tablets. They also offer an ever-changing list of deposit bonuses for new customers, plus a variety of special promotions. Some of these promotions include free bets, special contests and reload bonuses. Other bonuses and promotions for the Bovada Casino and Poker room are also available.

As is typical for most online/mobile sportsbooks, a new year generally means a new selection of bonuses and promotions. Plus, NFL playoff season will be upon us, which also means new promotions, betting contests etc.. Once 2020 gets here we will check the Bovada website and show you everything that is new.

The signup process for mobile sports betting has become very simple in recent years. It used to be easier to sign up on your computer, but now all of the best bookies offer a simplified signup process for mobile users. It’s also easier to make deposits and withdrawals. Credit & debit cards, bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), bank wire, and a variety of online wallets are available at most sportsbooks.

Sports Betting on Apple iOS and Android Devices

Apple iOS

Modern sports betting apps and mobile responsive websites make it simple to bet from nearly any device, but the large display screens on newer smartphones make it ideal for viewing odds. The benefits of a larger screen are exposed when viewing odds in small font sizes, and on sites or apps which display multiple bets in a single row, i.e. moneyline, point spread, and over/under – where there is a lot of information located within a small geographical area.

Of course it’s largely about the design of live odds feeds, but stating the obvious here – the larger the screen, the easier they are to view.

Smaller devices like the old Apple 4S are ‘fine’, but for anyone who takes their sports betting seriously, we recommend upgrading to a newer, larger screen size. Although you can go bigger, anything equal to or larger than the Apple iPhone 6 (5.43″ x 2.63″) is sufficient for most people. This would include any iPhone since the 6 model.

For an even better experience, we suggest models as big or bigger than the 6S Plus (6.22″ x 3.06″). Other iPhone models in the same size range would include the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, XS Max, and 11 Pro Max.

Since any Apple iPad is large enough for a good sports betting experience, when making a purchase, we recommend that you primarily consider your other uses for it.

For more information about using an iPhone for sports betting, check out our iPhone Sports Betting page.


There are so many different Android smartphones and tablets on the market in 2020 (and constantly changing) that we will not recommend any specific models. Rather, we’ll stick to what we said above about the size of the device being key. Once again, anything in the range of 5.5″ x 2.6″ range will be sufficient, but we recommend devices in the 6″ x 2.9″ or larger range for an optimal experience.

At this size, screen resolution doesn’t make a lot of difference for viewing text. Essentially any Android model in this size range, made within the last few years, will do just fine.

Visit our Android sports betting page for more information.

Live Betting on Mobile Devices

Want to bet on the next play while you sit in the stands and watch the game in person? Or while you watch it with friends, live on TV? You can do that now. Live betting might be the most fun way to bet on sports, and this is the reason this niche is growing so quickly.

With live betting, punters can choose from a variety of bets on individual plays. If you’re at a basketball, football, soccer, or baseball game, you can bet on what is going to happen 30 seconds from now. With minimum bets as low as $1, a small amount of money can make any game fun.

Live betting has become so popular that most online sportsbooks now offer it directly on their iOS and Android betting apps. It can also be accessed through mobile responsive websites.

Best NFL Football Betting Apps for 2020

NFL football generates more mobile wagers than any other sport in the United States. Because of this, any U.S. friendly online sportsbook that offers mobile betting will offer NFL football.

Heading into 2020, MSB recommends the Bovada sportsbook for bettors in the United States. Although their vig can be a bit higher for props, straight bets are all industry standard. For us, the difference is that we trust Bovada. We’ve been betting here (or at their predecessor Bodog) since 2003, without a single issue. At the very least, any serious bettor should be comparing odds here.

Every mobile betting site offers the typical moneyline, point spread, and over/under (total) bets for NFL football. On top of that, most bookies allow bettors to buy points, and make bets on hundreds of props. Beyond that, parlays, futures and live betting are incredibly popular as well.

During the Super Bowl, standard NFL betting options are just the beginning. Bettors can wager on literally hundreds, if not thousands of crazy props that are not available during regular NFL season games. Expect the 2020 Super Bowl to offer more prop bets than ever before.

Nearly every mobile bookmaker in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, Australia etc., offers NFL betting as well.

NBA & NCAA Basketball Betting Apps

Every U.S. friendly mobile betting site offers NBA and NCAA college basketball. Same as NFL and college football, every online bookie offers point spread, moneyline, and over/under bets. And again, bettors can buy points, bet on futures, props, parlays, teasers, you name it. And of course, live betting is very popular as well.

For NCAA college basketball, March Madness is like no other. Sports betting sites offer NCAA bracket tournaments with massive prizes, along with a huge variety of props and futures. Even if you aren’t into college basketball, this is one of the most fun times of the year for people who like to bet on sports. For 2020 March Madness, expect the list of props & special promos to continue to expand.

For bettors living in America, we recommend for mobile NBA & NCAA basketball betting. Their app offers live betting for a large number of NBA and NCAA basketball games each week as well.

Mobile Football Betting (Soccer)

Bovada was one of the first online betting sites to recognize the growing market of mobile sports betting, and as a result, they’ve become one of the leaders in the industry. They’ve also made a huge step forward in the live betting area, now with hundreds of games/matches within all of the most popular sports offered every week. They have live, mobile betting for football, cricket, rugby, tennis, F1, UFC/MMA, golf & more. We rank their live betting options #1 in the entire industry right now.

Cricket Betting Apps

As another huge international sport, of course mobile cricket betting is becoming very popular. All of the biggest cricket leagues around the world can be bet on from your smartphone. Of course the IPL (Indian Premier League) T20 league is the biggest, and every online betting site that offers mobile cricket betting offers odds for the IPL.

Mobile Horse Racing Bets

There are literally hundreds of horse racing tracks around the world that punters can bet on. Some of the biggest online bookies in 2020 offer horse racing for international tracks, but most focus on tracks located in the areas that their customer base resides in. For example, a bookie that markets most heavily to Australian gamblers will likely offer all of the Aussie tracks, with fewer international tracks. A bookmaker who focuses mostly on the UK market will offer more tracks in that area.

With that said, probably has the largest selection of tracks right now. They have all of the most popular UK and European tracks, along with tracks in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and other parts of the world as well.

Is Online/Mobile Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

First off, we at are not attorneys or legal experts. The information below is simply a general portrait of the legal landscape in the US as it pertains to sports betting – to the best of our understanding. It should not be taken as fact and anyone interested in sports betting should research their own local laws before placing any wagers.

While there is no longer a federal ban on sports betting (as of May 2018), it is now up to each state to adopt their own laws. Several states have officially legalized sports betting (and are accepting bets), while others are in various stages of legalization. For example, in Colorado, a bill to legalize sports betting passed in 2019, but wagers are not yet being accepted. It makes sense that any state which legalizes online sports betting will need time to develop necessary infrastructure before the public can place wagers.

In 2020 and 2021, many states are expected to pass bills which will legalize sports betting. Certainly others will pass laws making it illegal as well. Looking at the US as a whole, this will be a constantly evolving situation for several years ahead of us.

There is a big grey area as well – and this is where things get more complicated. Simply stating a well-known fact here, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of US citizens have been betting on sports at online sportsbooks for over 20 years now. We’ve heard about a couple of people in Washington state which have faced prosecution, but that’s about it. There are a number of online sportsbooks, concerned about legal repercussions, who left the US market within the last 10+ years – but these are the organizations accepting the wagers, not people who are placing them.

Once again, none of the above should be accepted as fact, it is simply our observation. Once again, always check your own local laws before placing wagers at online and/or mobile sportsbooks.

What are the Best Mobile Gambling Sites & Apps for Me?

Many of the mobile gambling sites listed above offer more than just sports betting. Some are exclusively for sports, but others offer poker, casino (slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, video poker, baccarat, 3 card poker) bingo, keno, scratch cards, dice, and other types of games. As mobile gambling becomes more popular, most sites are adding new games all the time. If you’re looking to download a sports betting app, visit the site first to see if they offer the other games you’re interested in.

Like every year, 2019 meant a lot of expansion in the industry. Every online gambling site knows they need to offer as many games as possible in order to keep their customer base playing there. Heading into 2020 we’l continue to see this, which is great for people who prefer to do all of their gambling at one site (or on one app).

2020 is going to be big for as well, as we have all sorts of new features coming to the site – along with a new theme. Hope to see you again soon!


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